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Board Your Pig at Ironwood!

pig in blanket

When we began Ironwood, there were many ideas of how to obtain funding to support our dream of providing a home for the many unwanted pot bellied pigs. One of our ideas was to provide boarding facilities for pigs with all proceeds going directly into the sanctuary. After checking with other local boarding kennels, it was found that few would even take pigs and those that would didn’t have adequate facilities. We have enjoyed having several boarding pigs in the past and currently have four staying with us for an extended period. All boarders have their own pen with shade, shelter, and pools, along with access to the exercise yard where they have plenty of room to explore their surroundings. These boarders have not only found their way to Ironwood but also found their way into our hearts! If you or someone you know needs to board a pig for a few days or for a longer period of time, please give us a call.

Summerize Your Pig

Preparing the summer accomodations for your pot bellied pig is a serious endeavor. Inadequate shade or water may seriously harm or even kill your pig, especially in summer, and just because your animal is able to tolerate lack of shade or water doesn't mean that they aren’t stressed and very unhappy. Pigs need a shady retreat throughout the day, a wallow (mud hole), and plenty of water. In fact, shade and plenty of water should be available all year to your special friend. I once observed a pig seek out a small shady area on a cool winter day in Phoenix. They need to be able to choose their environment to suit their needs; shade or sun, wet or dry. And also inspect your pig’s environment throughout the day to make sure that there is adequate shade, the wallow isn't dry, and there is plenty of drinking water. Here at Ironwood, we water our pigs three times a day in summer and provide sufficient all-day shade so that all our pigs can find shelter. Come out and visit and we will show you how we handle the summer heat.